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Our mission is simple

We want to help you vastly improve your business. In this ever-confusing digital age, it can be hard to keep up with evolving landscape around you. That’s why we deliver an incredible standard of IT consulting all over Colorado, Chicago and Ohio.

Our objective is your objective: great technological service.

We want to help you understand the importance of your network, so you can begin to think about the growth of your company in the future. The scaling of your business lies in the importance of information technology and data.

About QNB

We are a team of IT consulting experts dedicated to helping your company achieve your goals fast. With a humble begging in 2013, having a strong passion for helping small and medium sized companies with our one-of-a-kind IT managed services, we have come a long way. What do we stand for at Quantum Networking & Backups? A service. Not just any service, of course, but the best IT service in the US. We may have only been around for 2013, but we think that’s testament to what we’ve achieved in such a short time. We love technology and we believe that all your visions and ideas can be turned into a reality by partnering your network with our proprietary technology in proactive intelligence. We work hard to secure, maintain and monitor your critical services, data, and network.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring high availability with little to no downtime. Our remarkable Remote Management and Maintenance tools are designed to provide proactive support of your network.

By becoming Quantum Powered, you can take your business to a next level by following a strict guideline of Best Practices placed by vendors. We step up the game by ensuring proper Anti-Virus, Security Protocols, OS optimization, Automation.

No more restrictions! No more limitations! Our VPN technology allows your business to work outside of business hours. You have the power to ensure data protection and uptime - anywhere, anytime!

Reliable Disaster Recovery Options: QNB offers professional options for secure remote storage of data archiving. Now you don't need to worry about your valuable data; with us - you are covered!

We offer incredible Managed IT Services in Denver, Chicago and Cleveland to companies such as yours - small in size, but big in ambition. We provide IT support and consultation at a fixed fee, including security patches and predictions for the IT budget your company will require. Our software comes with a form of automated intelligence which detects and resolves problems when they arise with your system. We’ll never leave you in the dark with your IT service.

How Does It Work?

We analyze and understand. This isn’t an impersonal relationship between 2 clients - this is an understanding between 2 business partners. Because we know how different all businesses are from one another, we strive to understand the needs of each individual company with which we work, and then we personalize our consultation to fit them. We want to know what you want from this service. As soon as we know what sort of technology you’re looking for, or at least what you want the technology to do for you, then we can start to guide you towards a solution which will help your company progress and achieve the IT service you need. We spend proper time helping our clients get more out of their businesses. We believe in RESULTS. We believe in SKILLS. We believe in DEDICATION. More productivity, effective collaboration, reliable results!

Security Audits

Cybersecurity is often times to most problematic and devastating concern of modern businesses.  With almost all businesses being internet facing, without proper patch management and security measures, losing data is a big risk.

QNB helps protect their clients with a suite of audits to ensure minimum vulnerabilities.

Cloud Services

With the advancement of reliable cloud services, QNB often times recommends moving certain applications or services to the cloud to help consolidate spending and alleviate security vulnerabilities. With offers like Office 365, External Website Hosting, Co-Locations, Backups Solutions, Software Repositories.

Virtualization Project

Businesses are now all moving forward with virtualization of their current arrangement of physical servers. This provides companies with the ability to easily ensure scalability and growth for users and data. Consolidation of servers to virtual also allows for easier backups, patch management and closing security vulnerabilities.

Local and Off-Site Backups

Utilizing cutting edge softwares allow QNB to offer the ability to create local and off-site backups with long term retention and revision changes. That also complies with HIPAA security. With different solutions available to meet all clients budget and needs.


Majority of IT firms have an issue with proper documentation. QNB complies with Microsoft and leading vendors Best Practice documentation guides to allow easy understanding of your network, server and software infrastructure.

OUR SERVICES - Denver IT consulting

Our goal is to mitigate the pain of expensive solutions to ensure high availability, security, and stable network.

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Security Audits

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